LRS was created in 1999 by Laurent Lin, Alain Robbe and Rolf Seiler. Today the office consists in an interdisciplinary and multicultural team, active in different domaines such as urbanism, architecture and teaching.
Their projects are mostly the result of winning competitions and extend in a variety of scales and programs. Reaching from the single family house to urban design, LRS has designed housing projects, office buildings and public equipments for national and international clients.
Refusing all formal dogma, the office searches an open and critical approach by questioning program, site and regulations. Through a profound analysis and the appropriation of constrains, they search to generate qualities that enrich usage and design, in search of a specific character and expression in each project.
With an open mindset toward other disciplines, LRS develops partnerships with other architects, constructors as well as artists.
Aiming at an artisanal and creative process, the office gathers all skills necessary to think and develop a project from its conception to its final construction.

35 Rue des Pâquis
CH–1201 Geneva

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