HIP first building phase delivery

The first building phase of our mixed use industrial hotel soon to be delivered in Geneva.!!

Public show “l’Art de la préfabrication”

Three of our projects where selected to figure in the public exhibition on prefabricated construction in the SICLI pavilion.

1st Prize “la colline” competition

We are glad to announce our winning proposal for the "la colline" housing project.

Thank you to FACES magazine and Guillaume Vaneste his article covering our Belle Terre housing project.

1st prize health center Rolliet

LRS wins the Rolliet health center competition covering two buildings dedicated to a medical center, an elderly home, dwellings as well as commercial and social facilities.

1st prize “cité du vin” in Rolle

We are thrilled to announce our winning proposal developped together with Studio Vulkan and LVPH.

2nd prize Alexandre Gavard competition

We are glad to share our finalist project for the transformation and extension of an office building into dwellings.

WERK publication

We are honored to find our Gradelle housing project in the latest edition of WERK Bauen Wohnen! Thanks to Valérie Hoffmeyer and Daniela Valentini for their great textes and images!

Building shell

Following 1 year of intense construction we are happy to discover the final volume of our "plaine du Loup" housing project in Lausanne. Thanks to our building management team on site!

MICA Dwellings

As part of the "Communaux d'Ambilly" project the first of our 140 appartements are being delivered these days!

1st Prize Tribune de Genève

Our housing project "Jardins de la Gradelle" has won the tribune de Geneve's architecture award 2021.

World council of churches mockup

The first facade mockup for our project for the WCC stands on site in the United Nations park in Geneva.

Double Prize Bilan

Our housing project Gradelle wins best housing and the jury's favorite overall price at the Romandie real-estate price organized by the magazine BILAN.

3rd Prize Cherpine housing competition

LRS receives the 3rd price at the housing competition for the F and H2 courts of the Cherpine development situated on the outskirts of Geneva. Congratulation to our friends Kristina Sylla and Marc Widmann for their beautiful winning project.

Plaine du loup facade ongoing

Our approximatively 550 building plans for the prefabricated units of our plaine du loup housing project are finalized!

PP3 Mockups

Site visit of various versions of the precast concrete elements for our Petite Prairie project in Nyon.

Prize at the Goutte St-Mathieu competition

Together with B+S engineering LRS wins 6th prize at to competition for the realization of a high school, and divers public services for the Bernex commune.

Ambilly opening party

Geneva alternative culture festival Antigel invades our Ambilly construction site as a pre-opening party!


During 2 days Rolf Seiler had the pleasure to jury the prestigious "BESTARCHITECTS" Price. Congratulations to the organisers and winners!


LRS was selected to participate in the competition for the renewal of the Plaza cinema originally built by Marc-Joseph Saugey.

Pictet Tower

Pictet invites LRS to propose a project for their new headquarters in Geneva.


The building permit for housing in Clos-Belmont, has been submitted on December 18, 2020.


The building permit for the stage 3, sector 2, has been submitted on December 12, 2020.


The building permit (APA) for the partial refurbishment of the envelope, roof greening and installation of photovoltaic panels has been submitted on November 12, 2020.


After winning an international competition in 2013, the construction site of the industrial and office complex began with a phase of earthwork and special works.


The permit for the buildings D and E for the Amandolier PLQ has been submitted on October 9, 2020.


After several months of work, the refurbishment of the building "rue des Contamines 4" is over.


Started in August 2018, the construction of the project "Les Communaux d’Ambilly" goes on with the completion of the heavy structure expected by the end of the year.


The country of Israel serves as a frame for the various project exercises of the academic year 19/20. The country’s diversity, its historical, urban, geographical and climatic complexity represent a reduce model of our world in constant change. The utopian dimension of the Kibboutz establish the common thread of the academic research. The teaching aim is to exploit project discipline in order to gain a better understand of a territory as well as its cultural, urban and architectural features.


The construction of the parking and the buildings E and F of the Ecumenical Centre started on May 29, 2020.


Competition for the demolition and reconstruction of the building Acacias Centre, built in the 1960’s by the Honegger brothers. The block offers itself as a coherent response with the neighborhood’s urban form. Modulation of heights for the various facades activates and reinforces the inner courtyard, highly vegetated, and thus becomes a place with housing qualities for all the uses of the project. The saw tooth shape of the block introduces a diversity of orientations that benefits the different apartments typologies.


Rolf Seiler took part in the series of books by the FAS « Ensembles urbains » with a publication "Valais, Rue de Lausanne", about the housing building by Maurice Braillard.


The building permit for the project of cooperative buildings "Route de Ferney" has been submitted on April 22, 2020.


Rolf Seiler will represent the HEAI-FR at the board of the Architectural Council of Switzerland.


LRS is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs Cécile Aubecq as our new associate. We are delighted with this nomination that will strengthen the qualitative and constructive objectives of our ongoing and upcoming projects.

Visit to the project Housing Gradelle

Visit to the project housing "Jardins de la Gradelle"
Friday, January 17nd from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm at Chemin de la Tulette 2-6, Cologny, Genève.

À VOIR | 2017-2019

Housing La Chapelle, Global Fund headquarters and Nursing home published in the guide : À voir, architectures romandes | 2017-2019, SIA.

BEST 2020

Launch of BEST 2020. Lancy Housing Project, Gold Award in its category.

Towards a digital architecture

Rolf Seiler’s participation for the conference organized by the FAS and the CRB on the topic of digitisation in the construction sector. The event will take place on Friday, November 22nd from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm at NEST on the EMPA campus.

Housing “La Petite-Prairie”

Nyon, LRS won the first prize in the competition organized of housing design in sector D2 of step 3 in "La Petit-Prairie ».

Housing Amandolier

First prize for the architectural competition of two residential buildings in « Eaux-Vives » Geneva.

Architecture Masterprize

The Nursing home Sainte Marguerite in Vuisternens-Devant-Romont was awarded Honorable Mention in Healthcare Architecture by ARCHITECTURE MASTERPRIZE.


The "Global Fund Headquarters" project has been selected by “ La Maison d’Architecture” of Geneva to be part of the GVARCHI GUIDE of 2019. Presentation Monday, September 16th, 2019 at 17:30 - Pavillon Sicli.


The Global Fund Headquarters by LRS has been shortlisted for dezeen awards 2019.


Best architectes 20 distinguished with the label in gold to pojet of Housing Grand-lancy.

The architect guide | Humbert-Seiler

New York. Presentation of the architecture guide 2019 of the Humbert-Seiler studio of the HEIA in Fribourg.

Student House Universitiy Campus

The LRS tower project representing the "Fondation de la Cité universitaire de Genève", was awarded by the jury. It will replace the existing Building B on campus.

Foundational stone – Ambilly

The construction of the Ambilly housing project began and we celebrated the laying of the foundation stone in May.

Tower Firmenich

Participation of LRS in the competition for the renovation of the facade and envelope of the Firmenich Tower in Geneva.

Building Permit world council of churches

The building permits for our world council of churches project has recently been granted: building E, demolition of the library, construction of the car park and the landscape projet.


LRS was a finalist in the competition for the development of a building project on the site «Veillon» Bussigny.

Cooperative Housing, Route de Ferney, 1st prize

The jury for the architectural competition « Cooperative Housing, Route de Ferney » launched by the SoCoop and the Codha, awarded the first prize to the « Crocodile » project presented by LRS.

School Le Rolliet

LRS obtains the second prize in the competition of the new school group « Le Rolliet » in Les Cherpines, Plan-les-Ouates.

School Vernets, 3d prize

The « Hérisson » project obtains the 3rd prize in the architectural competition for the construction of a school complex on the site of the Vernets, Geneva, the first sector of the PAV’s urban development.

Competition for a transformation in a residential building

LRS project for the MEP commissioned by AXA for the transformation in a residential building of former headquarters of the Winterthur Insurance, building of Jan-Marc Lamunière into an apartment building.

Architecture masterprize – 2018

The Architecture masterprize grants an Honorable Mention in Architecture Design to the "La Chapelle" housing project, in the category of social housing.

Architecture masterprize

The Grand-Lancy housing project wins ARCHITECTURE MASTERPRIZE in the category of social housing.

Book launch of De aedibus 77

We are happy to inform you that our monography LIN ROBBE SEILER has been published as part of the "De aedibus" collection at Quart editions. You are kindly invited to attend the book launch that will be held in our office.

Thursday, November 29th at 5h30 pm.

Building permit Hotel Industriel

We are happy to announce that the building permit for our Hotel industriel is now valid and we are looking forward to the upcoming construction of its 73'000m2 office-, retail- and workshop- spaces.

New associate

LRS is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Bruno da Cruz as our new associate. We are delighted with this appointment, which strengthens the team and ensures the way to the sustainability of the office.

Pecha-Kucha Open House Zurich

As part of the Zurich open-house weekend launch party, the LRS office is invited to give a lecture in the form of a Pecha-Kucha.

Friday, September 28th 2018

Atelier Humbert-Seiler

The "Atelier Humbert-Seiler » of the HEIA is now online. The travel guides and the various studies conducted with students are available for open source.

MICA kick-off!

We are happy to announce that the construction of the first urban plot of the Communaux d'Ambilly project has started. Approximately 700 dwellings will be realized by Atelier Bonnet, Bassicarella, JSAA and LRS architects.


LRS and ADR wins the first prize of MEP for the development of Piano Direttore comunale della Città di Mendrisio

Lecture Monte Carasso, Ticino

On juily 5th at 5pm Rolf Seiler will give a lecture entitled «empirism» at the 25th International Architectural Design Seminar in Monte Crasso Ticino.


LRS will present the projects of « Housing la Chapelle » and « Housing Grand-Lancy » at the event JOURNEES SIA 2018. Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 June, from 14h00 to 16h00.

EIAF-Final review-Berlin

This summer semester the Humbert-Seiler studio investigated emblematic Berlin courtyard morphologies in search of high quality densification strategies.
We thank all students and experts for the richness of their contributions.

Lecture at f’ar

What is meaningful architecture? Possible answers to this question are as diverse as the broad strategies oparated by architects today. LRS is part of the three offices to give a lecture and debate this question on Thursday mai 3rd at the forum of architecte in Lausanne.

Lausanne Housing, 1st Prize

LRS wins the first prize of the selective competition for the E4 plot of the future « Plaine du Loup » urbanization in Lausanne.

Opening day Lancy housing

After 20 month of labour the 6 dwellings of our Lancy housing have been delivered to their owners.

Opening day Global Fund

Seven long years have passed since the competition but today LRS is proud to announce that the 1000 employees of this international headquarters have finally moved in.

Lecture: Image/s & Architecture

From plans to sketches, the offices master the visual language of their projects. However, they struggle to put themselves forward and manage their corporate communication. In 450 second increments, discover architectural and creative projects that challenge the status quo.


LRS wins the first price at the competition for a nursing home situated in Aubonne. The building will enclose 56 individual rooms as well as multiple facilities.


The « CITTA DI MENDRISIO » is now wondering about the development of its territory, the new contemporary challenges, with the new modes of production and living, which have modified this territory. LRS is one of the three groups that have been called in to present their visions as part of a MEP.


Alain Robbe has been elected as a member of the Commission d’Architecture in Geneva.

Publication du livre BEST ARCHITECTS 18

Two LRS projects have been published in the latest edition of "best architects 18". This publication provides a recent and comprehensive overview of European architectural development.

Subtilitas : Maison d’habitation Charrot

The architectural web journal Subtilias visited the two-family dwelling project in Charrot last november.


The housing Barton selected by HOCHPARTERRE for prize "DIE BESTEN 2017"

Barton housing published in werk

An article by Laure Nashed as well as the "material" section of werk's october issue dedicated to our Barton housing project.

Foundational stone – La Gradelle

In early October, three months after the beginning of the construction of La Gradelle, we have celebrated the laying of the foundation stone.

MEP Caserne des Vernets – winning project

The team JSAA & LRS wins a 500 dwellings courtyard as part of the study-competition « Caserne des Vernets ». We are happy to pursue this exceptional project with our partners Jaccaud Spicher architects!

American architecture prize

The Villa Tannay wins the AMERICAN ARCHITECTURE PRIZE in the category of residential architecture.

Exposition FULE

The projet Student House was displayed in Uni Dufour at the University of Geneva.

Global Fund facade

The facade of the Global Fund reveals itself on the route de Ferney as part of the United Nations parc in Geneva.

Kick off Gradelle Housing

We are happy to announce the beginning of the three Gradelle housing pavilions. LRS is in charge of the architectural planning as well as the construction site and management.

PRIZE – Best architects 18

The Barton Housing project wins Best architects prize 18 in the category of collective housing projects.

PRIZE – Best architects 18

The HGC showroom wins Best architects prize 18 in the category of crafts and industrial buildings.

EIAF – Final review – Basel-port

Based on a trans-national urban study « 3-Land » the Seiler-Humbert workshop at the HES-fribourg investigated the old harbor facilities at Basel’s north frontier. On a 1km long strip the students developed a variety of housing projects distinctive in their typological and morphological approach.

Facade la Chapelle housing

The first building of the chapelle housing project has revealed its precast concrete facade echoing the existing buildings of this new neighborhood.

Topping-out Health Campus

On may 4th the topping-out ceremony took place at Global-Funds future headquarters in presence of numerous personalities of the international community of Geneva.

Opening EMS St Marguerite

After winning the competition in 2009 LRS is proud to announce the opening of the elderly home St. Marguerite. The establishment will host 89 résidents at Vuisternens devant Romont. The Glane health network has organized an open house week-end of festivities on march 24th and 25th.

Topping-out – La Chapelle

On march 23rd the topping-out ceremony was held at the Chapelle construction site. After 15 month of intense construction work covering special foundations and a precast mounting system in concrete.

EIAF – Final review – Basel St.Johanns

Investigating the problematic of high-density urban insertion the Seiler-Humbert workshop worked on Basel’s historic neighborhood of St-Johanns during the winter semester 2016. The typological constraint pushed the students to overpass the dimensional limits of traditional dwelling.

Collective exhibition at i2a

After Barcelona in 2015 we are happy to participate with our housing project Gordon Bennett at the Cities connection project exhibition at i2a, the international institute of architecture in Lugano. The opening ceremony will take place on February 24th at 6pm.

Field Trip

The entire LRS staff made the trip to Ticino for 3 days of visits encountering highlights such as the realizations of the tendenzia but also more contemporary architecture such as Guidotti-Guidotti, Durisch & Nolli, Wespi de Meuron, Baserga Mozzetti and Molo + Könz whom we thank for their exceptional hospitality.

EIAF – Fribourg Planche inférieure

During the spring term the Seiler-Humbert workshop at the EIA-Fribourg experimented a variety of densification and typology scenarios situated in the lower city of Fribourg. A particular problematic consisted in finding appropriate solutions in relation with the historic fabric of the context and its sharp topography.

Field trip London

As part of the Seiler-Humbert design studio at the HES Fribourg LRS has organized a one week field trip to London embracing a variety of contemporary and modernist architecture.

Construction site – Global Fund headquarters

The construction of the health campus has started. The headquarters will totalize 25’500m2 for the Global Fund that fights aids, malaria and tuberculosis throughout the world. The building will be delivered by 2018.

Guide GVArchi

The architectural forum MA has launched the GVArchi application that proposes a variety of guided architectural tours in geneva. Throughout the 50 presented projects of the first version you can find LRS’s high school Cayla and the Gordon-Bennet project.

Kick off – La Chapelle housing

The construction of the four housing blocks and 350 parking slots has started at Lancy. LRS is fully in charge covering the architectural lead as well as the construction management on site. Delivery is planned for spring 2018.

Urban planning Petite Boissière

The urban project designed by LRS for the Petite-Boissière sector has been integrated into geneva’s global urban model and will be exposed at the cities show-room situated Rue du Stand 25. Opening hours Wednesday to Saturday from 11am until 6pm.

Building permit Health campus

The building permit for the new Global Fund’s international headquarters has been delivered! This winning project of the international competition held in 2009 finally obtained the various administrative green lights and construction will start by the end of the year.

Gordon-Bennett public Viewing

On mai 9th, the Vaud section of the swiss engineer and architectural society (SIA) organizes a public viewing of the Gordon-Bennett neighborhood. A presentation will take place at 2pm by LRS.

Exhibition Vertical Urban Factory

Our winning competition project for the new Industrial hotel at lancy has been selected to be part of the exhibition: Vertical Urban Factory at EPFL’s ARCHIZOOM. The show has been curated by New York’s historian Nina Rappaport and the opening is scheduled for march 23rd at 6.30pm.

1st Prize Gradelle housing project

We are overwhelmed to announce our 1st prize at the competition for 100 dwellings and an art gallery to be built in a parc at the Jardins de la Gradelle situated on the Cologny neighborhood.

Barton housing construction started

Construction has started for the Barton housing situated less than 50m from Geneva’s downtown lakeshore. Opening is planned for the end of 2016!

Collective exhibition Barcelona

The housing project Gordon Bennett will take part in the exhibition of the Cities connection projects entitled Import Geneva that proposes an exchange between Geneva and Catalonian architects on the subject of innovative housing. LRS will also participate in the panel talk that will be held on November 15th at 6pm. The opening ceremony will take place at the Santa Mònica arts in Barcelona on November 14th.

Field trip Finland:

As part of the Seiler-Humbert design studio at the EIA Fribourg LRS has organized an exceptional field trip to Finland entitled on the traces of Alvar Aalto.

Office extension

LRS extends their office by a complementary floor. The demolition has started. In the end the office space will totalize 580m2 in geneva’s central district of Pâquis.

SIA days 2014

Three projects have been selected in this years SIA days. The following projects will have a public viewing: Gordon-Bennet housing,Céligny’s fire-station and the HGC showroom

Opening of the Mistral office building

Gordon Bennet’s final building has been delivered. This office building contains 13’500m2 of flexible office space organized around a central court and entrance atrium.

Céligny opening day

LRS is happy to announce the opening of Céligny’s fire-station transformation and extension. The project consists in transforming the existing fire-station by adding two new dwellings.

Lecture at IPAC:

LRS has been invited to give a conference at the geneva’s school of art and design.
Date: December 11th 2013 at 4pm

1st prize Industrial hotel

LRS wins the first prize at the international competition for an Industrial hotel in Petit-Lancy. This multifunctional hub proposes a horizontal striped layout of office-spaces, storages and warehouses that can be freely connected to meet the needs of multiple tenants. Stretched on more than 180m of length and inspired by an industrial shed expression this megastructure hosts more the 80’000m2.

1st prize World council of churches

LRS wins the first price of the international competition for the new headquarters of the world council of churches situated in the united nations park in Geneva. The campus will host 70’000m2 of offices, apartments, a hotel and a childcare center.

Housing Communaux d’Ambilly masterplan:

LRS in association withe BLSA is selected to build a housing plot at the Communaux d’Ambilly. Designed by atelier Bonnet the masterplan totalizes 600 dwellings that will be split and realized in coordination with atelier Bonnet, Bassicarella and Jaccaud Spicher architects.

1st prize Housing La Chapelle

LRS wins the first price at the competition for 145 dwellings to be built in Lancy. The four plots that are imposed by a urban masterplan are articulated in order to guarantee à generous angle position to each of the six apartments of each floor.

Exhibition and lecture at FAR

From april 24th until may 12th LRS has been invited to exhibit a free position of their work at Lausanne’s architectural Forum (FAR). Onze mai 7th at 7pm a public lecture will be held by LRS partner Rolf Seiler.

Opening Coupe Gordon-Bennett:

The opening ceremony of the new living and working district Coupe Gordon-Bennett has taken place this spring. Originally designed by LRS, three geneva based firms (LRS, 3BM3, and Group8) have decided to join their efforts in the development and realization phase in order to assure a common identity to the 5 buildings that compose the urban layout.

New District Vieusseux – Franchises – 4th prize

LRS wins the fourth price at the open competition for the urbanization of the Vieusseux - Villars - Franchise district in the outskirts of Geneva.

Workshop – low-rise densification

Alain Robbe takes part in the workshop researching possible densification stratégies of geneva’s low-rise zone. The workshop is held throughout the spring semester at the JOINTMASTER program and was initiated by the swiss fédération of architects (FAS/BSA)

1st prize Romont nursing home

LRS wins the first price at the open competition for a nursing home situated in Romont. The building will enclose a large programme of 60 individual rooms as well as a section specialized in geriatric psychiatry for a total of 96 beds. It will be the first of a series of homes to be build in the coming years by the Glâne’s health network. (RSG)

Opening court-building with 86 dwellings

After two years of intense building LRS is happy to announce the accomplishment of the first out of five courtyard buildings of the Gordon Bennett project. As a result of the competition won by LRS in 2007 the masterplan will totalize approximately 300 homes and 15’000m2 of office space.

Conference at EPFL

On april 18th Rolf Seiler will hold a conference on the subject of contemporary housing at EPFL's research lab LAURE of professor Andrea Bassi.

Lecture EPFL

LRS is invited to give a lecture on recent housing projects at Professor Bruno Marchand’s research laboratory at the EPFL in Lausanne.