Date Vacancy Mission Profil Apply

Set up and manage the model workshop
Produce models of all types: study, competition, prototype, exhibition, etc.
Supervising trainee architects

Modeler CFC or equivalent qualification
Knowledge of cutting techniques or digital printing
Knowledge in carpentry, locksmithing, a plus
Ability to read architectural plans
Good architectural culture and sensitivity to materials
Autonomy and organizational skills

To be agreed

Provide cost estimation and tendering on a horizontal basis on several projects. Contribute to the development of internal methods and databases on these subjects. Interact with architectural development teams.

Expertise in cost estimation, tendering and contracts. Experience in construction management and site accounting. Interest in dialogue and communication. Normative and constructive skills.

February 2020 or to be agreed

Supervising and overseeing construction sites for large projects from planification to delivery.

Experience on significant projets.
Normative and Building skills.
Experience in managing budget, call for tender and contrats.
Good communication skills.
Experience and interest in team management.

To bee agreed

Develop large-scale projects in team, in pre-project, project and execution preparation phases

Architect HES - ETH or equivalent
Experience in Switzerland 5 years or more required
Normative and Building skills
Experience and interest in team management
Good practice in the coordination of specialized agents, management and preparation of plan files in all project phases

To be agreed

Assisting in project development from preliminary design to construction plans

Architect HES - ETH or equivalent. Experience 0-5 years. Interst in construction.

To be agreed

Assisting, developing and supporting projects with BIM workflow and models

BIM archicad experience

To be agreed

Assisting in project development through modeling, 3D rendering and drawings

2nd or 3rd year EPF or HES student. Knowledge and skills in the following software; Archicad, Rhino, Artlantis.