Caserne des Vernets housing, Ongoing

The result of a competition initially encompassing two giant court-blocks in the future Caserne des Vernets district, this winning project for Cluster B is the fruit of collaboration with Geneva-based partner firm Jaccaud Spicher Architects. A programme of approximatively 600 housing units and a base plan of exceptional dimensions (120m x 90m, h=30m, d=21m) was the starting point for this block, which was determined in advance in an urban planning competition and an urban masterplan jointly drawn up by the firms FHV and ADR.

Based on the premise that the interior of the block should represent urban as well as residential qualities, our project seeks to orient all of the entrances and apartments towards the square. The block’s hollowed out interior façade takes advantage of the 21m depth, thus allowing all of the apartments to benefit from a loggia and a multi oriented layout. Based on this qualitative organisational rule, all fragments are designed differently depending on the constraints and opportunities of the context, orientation and specific programmes of the block’s five investors.